By combining a love of music and many years of woodworking, Steven Catania creates, invents, and redefines musical instruments. His work reflects his appreciation for beauty in the natural world. He seeks to share the joy of playing a musical instrument with everyone by making instruments that a child or complete novice can play. Quality workmanship goes into each piece. Smooth finished, nickel plated keys and decorative additions such as handpainted beads showcase his distinct style.

Steven has been many things in his life, a woodworker, fisherman, tree planter, social worker, and musician. Owning his own business has always been his dream. Seeing the dream come to life on his secluded home site has enabled him to be free to explore the artistic and acoustic properties of natural materials from wood to bamboo. Steve is constantly trying new materials and ways of combining them. His work continues to evolve and grow as he explores the world with his wife and partner, Tami Catania.